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Winter Recipe Recap

by Wisconsin Cheese This winter we shared an impressive variety of incredibly tasty recipes. From bite-sized appetizers to warm comfort foods to a sweet…
wisconsin cheese holiday cookies recipe dessert yum food family thanksgiving christmas chocolate jelly rosemary food entertaining

Three Ways: Holiday Cookies

by Wisconsin Cheese No aroma is better than that of fresh-baked cookies. With holiday festivities nearing, a baking sheet fresh out of the oven carrying…
wisconsin cheese board dessert recipe seasonal plate food easy artisan

Fall Dessert Cheese Board

by Wisconsin Cheese A mixture of late-season fruits and nuts pairs brilliantly with the robust flavors of Wisconsin Blue Cheese, Parmesan and soft…
wisconsin parmesan truffles recipe chocolate dessert artisan cheese appetizer mascarpone cheese plate cheese platter

Wisconsin Parmesan Truffles

by Wisconsin Cheese Separately, Wisconsin Cheese and chocolate are easily two of our favorite treats, but together in the form of truffles, they…