Master Cheesemaker Program Celebrates 20 Years

wisconsin cheese cheesemaker anniversary event wisconsin program cheese

by Wisconsin Cheesewisconsin cheese cheesemaker anniversary event wisconsin program cheese

The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program, the only program of its kind outside of Europe, is celebrating 20 years of training and certification with a ceremony at the International Cheese Technology Exposition in Milwaukee on April 24. The 2014 graduates of the program will be honored and presented with Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker medallions during the ceremony. Since the program’s founding in 1994, only Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers are able to label their cheese with the distinctive Master’s Mark.

To apply for the program, a cheesemaker must have been a licensed Wisconsin cheesemaker for at least 10 years, making the applicants highly skilled veterans of the industry before they even begin certification. Administered by the Center for Dairy Research and funded by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program has created a new tradition of excellence and innovation in the United States.

wisconsin cheese cheesemaker anniversary event wisconsin program cheese

“We congratulate the 2014 graduates and are proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this unique program. Those who have earned the title of Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker have such a dedication to their craft and pride in what they’ve achieved,” says James Robson, CEO of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB). “The impact of the program on them personally, as well as on their companies and the Wisconsin cheese industry, has been immeasurable.”

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