5 Tips from the Reigning Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown Champion

get grilling grilled cheese contest win yum prize wisconsin cheese eat food

by Wisconsin Cheese

get grilling grilled cheese contest win yum prize wisconsin cheese eat food

We are nearly through National Grilled Cheese Month, which means the entry period for the 2014 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown is also nearing its end. Be sure to submit your grilled cheese recipe, description and photo at www.GrilledCheeseAcademy.com before it’s too late!

For added motivation, we have expert cooking tips from reigning grilled cheese champion Veronica Callaghan who wooed judges last year with The Kennebunkport.

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Speaking from experience, here are her top five pieces of advice for crafting the winning sandwich:

Tip #1: Start with something you love and add cheese.

I absolutely love lobster rolls, so for me that seemed like a great starting place for the Grilled Cheese Academy contest. I have always felt that cheese makes everything taste better, so using that logic, I felt a lobster roll with cheese would be my dream sandwich.

Tip #2: Try to spice things up.

The chile-infused butter was the secret ingredient in The Kennebunkport – and honestly, I never considered any other condiments. Butter is a must for grilled cheese and I love the hint of heat that the chile adds to the sandwich.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to step outside the box with creative combinations.

Provolone has always been my go-to cheese. As my favorite cheese, I had to incorporate slices of Wisconsin provolone. But what made The Kennebunkport a winning sandwich was the added creaminess of mascarpone. I think that the combination of cheeses complemented the lobster without overpowering it.

Tip #4: Choose a name that is simple and matches the sandwich’s theme.

I do think that the name is almost as important as the sandwich itself for the contest submission. When I was choosing a name for my creation, I wanted to evoke the coast of Maine where lobster is plentiful. I tried to use a town that I thought most would be familiar with and that many would associate with Maine, and Kennebunkport seemed to fit the bill.

Tip #5: Always enlist your friends as your taste-testers.

Your friends will agree with me on this one: always share your creations with your friends – they will love you for it and can also be your best critics. Good luck!