Valentine’s Day Treats: Wisconsin Cheese and Chocolate


by Wisconsin Cheese

cheese and chocolate pairing

Cheese and wine. Cheese and beer. These popular pairings are so common, we’ve even created an app for them. But this Valentine’s Day, why not try the new perfect pair: cheese and chocolate?

These pairing ideas are easy to prepare, yet special enough for a Valentine’s Day dinner for two, ladies’ night or couple’s soirée:

  • Wisconsin Mascarpone and Nutella® with Chocolate Brownies – Serve sweet and creamy Wisconsin Mascarpone alongside your favorite chocolate wafer cookies or step the combo up by layering it with chocolate brownies and Nutella®. A chocolate-covered coffee bean makes a fun garnish.
  • Wisconsin Aged Gouda with Dark Chocolate English Toffee – Rich, buttery and slightly sweet, Aged Gouda contrasts perfectly with the slight bitterness of dark chocolate. When that chocolate enrobes crunchy toffee, the flavors and textures combine for a simple-to-serve, yet decidedly upscale combination.
  • Wisconsin Alpine-Style Cheese with Milk Chocolate and Rosemary Cashews Alpine-style cheeses, such as Gruyere, are known for their nutty flavor punctuated by a notably grassy finish. Rosemary cashews emphasize these flavors while sweet milk chocolate brings everything into balance.
  • Wisconsin Mixed-Milk Cheese with White Chocolate and Cranberry Chutney – Try a Mixed-Milk Cheese that combines sheep, goat and cow milk for an intense earthy flavor and somewhat dry texture. Sweet white chocolate and colorful cranberry chutney counter the cheese for a creative snack or dessert.

Want more cheese and chocolate? Download the free Wisconsin Cheese & Chocolate Pairing Guide for tasting tips and additional pairing ideas.