Autumn Recipe Recap


by Wisconsin Cheese

As the Thanksgiving gathering subsides, stomachs recover from the excess of pie, and we all reflect on the things that we are most thankful for, autumn seems to close its doors and winter steadily waves “Hello.” Eager for holiday cheer and new resolutions, we still hope for the golden flavors of autumn to linger, undoubtedly, the last few days of November are perfect for enjoying fall’s best memories and our nine favorite recipes from autumn will surely please palates this winter.

  1. The Lavender – with Wisconsin Brie and Cream Cheese.
  2. Spicy Pumpkin Seed Brittle with Wisconsin Gouda. An easy and tasty party starter.
  3. The Rosalie. A harvest veggie grilled cheese sandwich.
  4. Blue Cheese Harvest Tart. A potluck winner, undoubtedly.
  5. An autumn cheeseboard with Wisconsin Havarti on pumpernickel bread – perfect for two.
  6. Calabaza Butternut Squash Soup with Wisconsin Limburger. Even the kids will love it.
  7. The Black Forest. The king of grilled-cheese sandwiches, with leftovers.
  8. Gold-Star Cheddar Crackers. An alternative to the plethora of holiday candy.
  9. The Muffuletta Melt. Because there is never enough grilled cheese when winter hits.